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Veterinary Practice Information:

Gregory M. Goodell
Practice Name:
The Dairy Authority, LLC
8215 W 20th Street
Greeley    Google Maps
Zip Code:

Job Description:

 The Dairy Authority, LLC in Greeley, Colorado is looking for a 7th veterinarian to fulfill a 100% dairy position. The ideal candidate would have excellent communication skills (written and verbal), and a passion for production medicine and records analysis. Passions must be firmly grounded with a skillset in bovine palpation, ultrasonography and surgery. Our practice will see it's veterinarians in both clinical and consulting roles. New grads are mentored in both the clinical and consulting roles of our practice. The position may involve out-of-state travel over time when in consulting roles. New grads/experienced vets welcome to apply. Pay commensurate with experience. 
Training Required:
 DVM or equivalent 
Experience Desired:
 Computer/DC305 experience a plus. Familiarity with Microsoft TEAMs and working in a group environment. 
 85K plus 
 The Dairy Authority, LLC provides truck, all tools, equipment, fuel, etc to practice, paid vacation, up to $500 per month toward health insurance, retirement plan and paid continuing education and paid professional liability insurance. 

Species Percentages:

Beef:  0 Dairy:  100  Swine:  0  Small Ruminants:  0 
Equine:  0  Poultry:  0  Exotics:  0  Small Animals:  0 


Facilities provided by the veterinary practice:
 Office and Truck 
Other Personnel :  Currently 6 veterinarians in the practice. A total of 15 staff sharing vet tech, lab and on-farm training duties with the veterinarians. 
Practice strengths and emphasis of the business:
 Dairy consulting and production medicine are strong points yet still grounded in routine dairy practice. The practice is integrated vertically to provide traditional veterinary care as well as consulting and problem solving. The practice also offers a diagnostic laboratory where services for bacteriology, ELISA, PCR and feed are all conducted. We are also a certified DHIA laboratory 
Practice Area:  Greeley is located in northern Colorado approximately 50 miles north of Denver up I-25. Excellent outdoor recreational opportunities abound and cultural experiences are nearly endless with Denver less than an hour away. 

Date job was submitted:    10/7/2019 

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