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Patrick Brinson
Practice Name:
Lander Veterinary Clinic
4512 S Walnut Rd
Turlock    Google Maps
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Job Description:

 We are looking for a full-time progressive, innovative practitioner to join our practice of 15 veterinarians and 16 support staff. We provide routine herd health, sick cow, employee training, consultation, emergency, and advanced reproductive services to large dry lot dairies, calf ranches, cow-calf beef herds, and small ruminant flocks. Additionally, we work with niche farmers including honey bee producers and commercial fish farms.  
Training Required:
 Applicants must possess a DVM or equivalent degree and must obtain a California veterinary license and USDA level II accreditation. 
Experience Desired:
 Experienced practitioners, as well as new graduates, are encouraged to apply. Competence in both rectal palpation and ultrasonography is required. Surgical and medical skills and the ability to handle emergencies are necessary. It is strongly desirable but not mandatory to have exposure or experience in embryo transfer, in-vitro fertilization/OPU, bull breeding soundness exams, and/or milk quality.  
 We offer a competitive base salary including a production-based bonus system, as well as emergency incentives. This will vary with experience, capability, and background. A comprehensive tax-free benefits package is provided. Emergency service rotations are required. 
 We provide excellent health insurance for the veterinarian and their family. We also have a medical reimbursement plan to be applied to out-of-pocket expenses/deductibles, dental care, and optical care. We provide an AVMA-based disability and life insurance plan. We provide a 401-K as well as a clinic-funded profit-sharing retirement plan. We provide continuing education allowances to meet the 36-hour biannual California requirement, and veterinarians are paid during their CE leave. Two weeks of paid vacation in the first year, ultimately increasing over time incrementally to four weeks. AVMA dues, CA license fees, and other memberships are provided.  

Species Percentages:

Beef:  10 Dairy:  85  Swine:  1  Small Ruminants:  4 
Equine:  0  Poultry:  0  Exotics:  0  Small Animals:  0 


Facilities provided by the veterinary practice:
 Lander Veterinary clinic has 2 facilities. The main clinic building is a 12,000 square foot 16-year-old landscaped structure. Adjoining is a 3-year-old specifically designed IVF/ET facility including donor housing. The original clinic, about 3 miles away, is utilized for our IVF fertilization laboratory, which also has donor housing and collection facilities. A fully stocked mobile veterinary truck and portable ultrasound unit are provided. Our comprehensive in-house laboratory is fully staffed and offers extensive microbiology services as well as ELISA-Biopryn, serum chemistry, and several other support diagnostics. We submit samples to outside diagnostic laboratories daily.  
Other Personnel :  Lander Veterinary currently has 15 full-time veterinarians on staff. Our fully staffed laboratory has 4 full-time personnel. An additional 12 staff provide operational support. 
Practice strengths and emphasis of the business:
 Lander Veterinary Clinic, an all-food animal clinic, was established in 1950. For 71 years we have provided 24/7/365 comprehensive veterinary services to our clientele. We provide routine services to farms in 4 of the largest dairy counties in the US. With a total cattle number exceeding 1,000,000 head (dairy, beef, young stock) there is a tremendous opportunity for an ambitious, motivated veterinarian. Dairy herds average approximately 1,500 milking cows. Our extensive ET and OPU services have been expanding as well as our consulting opportunities. Several of the veterinarians serve on state and national veterinary boards, and we have strong working relationships with veterinary support providers, leading-edge bovine technology innovators, and pharmaceutical companies. A strong emphasis is placed on mentoring our veterinarians through clinic rounds, one on one instruction, and continuous feedback. We want to help you grow both as a technical veterinarian and an industry leader by developing a specialty. There is an opportunity for ownership for the right person. Emergency rotations are shared, minimizing on-call responsibilities and providing high-quality free time. We have provided flexible scheduling options for those requiring adaptation.  
Practice Area:  The vast majority of our ambulatory practice covers a 4-county region in California’s Central Valley (Stanislaus, Merced, San Joaquin, and Madera). Our region is characterized by a moderate Mediterranean climate, typically with cool wet winters, pleasant Spring and Autumns, and hot and dry summers. We often experience delightful summer evening cooldowns from the Delta Breeze. We are 2 hours from Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada mountains, 2 hours from the Monterey Bay region, 2 hours from San Francisco, and 2 hours from the Napa Valley. The cost of living in the region is considered reasonable to low compared to the more urban areas of California. Housing is available and there is easy access to dining, entertainment, shopping, and health care facilities.  

Date job was submitted:    10/18/2019 

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