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Veterinary Practice Information:

Maryrose Beasley
Practice Name:
Homestead Veterinary Service
Roundup    Google Maps
Zip Code:

Job Description:

 We would like to hire two mixed practice veterinarians. Experience is desired, but new graduates with farm/ranch background will be strongly considered. We are in a rural area and do some ambulatory and some clinic work. It's approximately 50/50 large/small animal and varies with the season. 
Training Required:
 DVM and licensed to work in Montana 
Experience Desired:
 While we prefer some experience, an honest, hard work ethic with a willingness to learn goes a long way. 
 Pay will be based on experience and productivity. There is opportunity to buy into the practice or heck, buy it all…. 
 This is all negotiable and depends on experience and increased revenues that occur as a result of your talents. 

Species Percentages:

Beef:  43 Dairy:  2  Swine:  1  Small Ruminants:  2 
Equine:  10  Poultry:  2  Exotics:  2  Small Animals:  39 


Facilities provided by the veterinary practice:
 We have a small animal clinic as well as an out door facility for cattle/horses. We intend to build a new multi species within 2 years so are willing to hear your ideas! We have one fully loaded ambulatory pickup and another that has an open bed for carrying other items. We haul a Silencer chute to some ranches. 
Other Personnel :  I'm hoping to hire one more veterinarians and enough staff to support them.  
Practice strengths and emphasis of the business:
 We work very hard to satisfy the people of this area and whatever species they bring to us, however, we send specialty surgeries to Billings board certified people. If learning to do these things is something you'd like to do, my friends down there are willing to teach! We do mainly cow/calf beef production in this area with a few dairy cattle and small ruminants mixed in. We work on ranch horses and have our own EIA lab.  
Practice Area:  Roundup, MT is located in mid-eastern Montana. This is still very much cattle/ranch country, at the edge of the Bull Mountains. We are located 45 miles north of Billings, which is one of the larger cities in Montana. Billings sports an international airport, (I don’t really believe they send planes out of our country….) BUT there are theaters, shopping, fast foods, concerts, etc. The nearest ski hill is just south of Red Lodge, which is just south of Billings. We are about 3 hours and 15 minutes from Yellowstone. Roundup has an airport too, with two paved strips! Ours is a quiet little town, with a very new elementary school, and fairly new high school. We have several churches, two grocery stores, two gas stations and one blinking stop light. Of course, we have stop signs But…. There isn’t any fast food, bus service, taxi or even Uber…. I guess this town isn’t for everyone…. But those of us that are here, love it. Oh yes, there are some bars and restaurants, so after a hard day, you won’t have to cook. And Schwann’s….  

Date job was submitted:    1/16/2020 

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