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Seminar 06

Dairy Nutrition-Learn the Basics and How to Understand Rations and Forage Analysis


Fee: $225 Limit: 32
Level: Basic    
Room: CC 122 A    
Date/Time: Wednesday, September 12, 2018  8:00:00 AM - 5:00:00 PM
Coordinators: Lartz Computers No
Faculty: Lartz , Van Amburgh  

Description: If you are looking for a pre-conference seminar that will allow you to understand dairy nutrition and be able to intelligently communicate with your producersí nutritionists, this is the one for you. This seminar will be a one-day course that starts with covering the basics of dairy nutrition. It will then progress to explaining each portion of a forage analysis each portion of a forage analysis. Forage analysis for several different forages will be shown to determine what should be expected of these forages and the quality of them. Rations will be covered by going over each section of the ration. Specific ranges for each value will be given for the different rations utilized for dairy nutrition. These would include lactating, dry cow (far off and close-up) and heifer rations. The group will then go through different ration forage analysis to determine the quality of the forage. They will also be presented with different rations to determine if there may be an issue with the ration that may be the cause of poor performance or health issues. This seminar is not designed to train veterinarians to perform ration balancing. It is well understood that there is more involved with balancing rations than having all the values fall between certain ranges.

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