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Seminar 09

Dairy Reproduction for Success and Profit


Fee: $350 Limit: 33
Level: Intermediate    
Room: CC 121 B    
Date/Time: Tuesday, September 11, 2018  8:00:00 AM - 5:00:00 PM
Wednesday, September 12, 2018  8:00:00 AM - 5:00:00 AM
Coordinators: Lee Computers No
Faculty: Lee , Overton , Fricke , Dalton , Silvestre  

Description: The impact of reproduction performance on dairy farms is significant due to its impact on milk sales, culling opportunities, replacement options and genetic progress. SO many protocols and tools to choose from. SO much available data. Am I making the best recommendations to my clients? HELP! This seminar will offer help by bringing you the latest information on how to optimize reproductive performance. Topics include postpartum recovery, reproductive programs and when to use which tool, managing AI technicians, pregnancy loss reduction and the use of genomic data. We will discuss assessing needs, prioritizing opportunities, implementing changes and demonstrating economic value of improved reproductive efficiency and genetic improvement. This seminar will focus on management of AI breeding programs. The reproductive monitoring section will discuss general principles applicable to all herd sizes but the data analysis will focus on herds with 300 or more cows.

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