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Seminar 11

Tools and Concepts for Making Evidence-Based Decisions


Fee: $300 Limit: 29
Level: Basic    
Room: Sheraton, Camelback A    
Date/Time: Wednesday, September 12, 2018  8:00:00 AM - 5:00:00 PM
Coordinators: Smith Computers No
Faculty: Smith , Wills , Woodruff  

Description: Numbers are everywhere in veterinary practice -our accounting books, medical records, and our clients’ health records to name just a few places. The ability to work with numbers can help us make better decisions, provide stronger, evidence-based recommendations to clients, and create new practice opportunities. Using data to aid decision-making has become easier because of computers. But, it requires the veterinarian to: 1) understand how to think quantitatively; 2) know how to use tools - like spreadsheets - to work with numbers; and 3) apply quantitative skills to medical problems. In this workshop we will show attendees how to use data to make decisions or provide evidence-based recommendations to clients. This workshop will use a computer laboratory provided by the faculty. It is helpful, but not required, if attendees have some familiarity with computer spreadsheets. Attendees will go home with knowledge that can expand the services offered by their practice. Objectives: • Understand how simple measures of health and performance can enable veterinarians to better help their clients and provide additional income opportunities for their practices • Know how to summarize and analyze data using spreadsheet functions, graphs, and pivot tables • Understand how to use probability statistics to make appropriate inferences about the occurrence of health and performance events • Be able to apply these tools and concepts to specific cattle practice scenarios (e.g. reproductive performance, heifer development, diagnostics, investigation of disease and impaired performance)

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