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Date/Time Session Title Presenter  
Thursday, September 18, 2014
1:30:00 PM - 1:50:00 PM
StudentCase Acute Onset Diarrhea in an Angus Cow Jayton Bailey
Thursday, September 18, 2014
1:50:00 PM - 2:10:00 PM
StudentCase Effects of Local Anesthetic and Oral Meloxicam on Pain Sensitivity in Calves following Caustic Paste Disbudding Alex Beck
Thursday, September 18, 2014
2:10:00 PM - 2:30:00 PM
StudentCase Death Loss Associated with Ill Thrift and Blindness in a Group of Stocker Calves Eleas Weimer
Thursday, September 18, 2014
2:30:00 PM - 2:50:00 PM
StudentCase Measurement of Active Antibiotic Concentrations in the Pulmonary Epithelial Lining Fluid and Interstitial Fluid of Healthy Calves Luke Martin
Thursday, September 18, 2014
2:50:00 PM - 3:10:00 PM
StudentCase Stifle Lameness in a Breeding Bull Leslie Wagner
Thursday, September 18, 2014
3:10:00 PM - 3:30:00 PM
StudentCase The Effect of Pooling Deep Nasopharyngeal Swabs from Feedlot Calves on the Sensitivity of a Multiplex PCR used to Identify BRD Pathogens Erin Bouslog
Thursday, September 18, 2014
4:00:00 PM - 4:20:00 PM
StudentCase Investigation into an Outbreak of Respiratory Disease in Nursing Calves in a South Georgia Beef Herd Justin Brown
Thursday, September 18, 2014
4:20:00 PM - 4:40:00 PM
StudentCase Effect of supplementing poor quality maternal colostrum with colostrum replacer on passive transfer of IgG in newborn calves Megan Thompson
Thursday, September 18, 2014
4:40:00 PM - 5:00:00 PM
StudentCase Profuse Diahrrea in a 4 year-old Wagyu Bull Bryan Weaver
Thursday, September 18, 2014
5:00:00 PM - 5:20:00 PM
StudentCase Evaluation of Lung Auscultation Score, Body Temperature, and Days on Feed with BRD Pathogens Identified and Eventual Health Outcome in Feedlot Calves Danelle Woehl
Saturday, September 20, 2014
8:00:00 AM - 9:00:00 AM
Student-1 Tailgate Vaccinology BJ Newcomer
Saturday, September 20, 2014
9:00:00 AM - 10:00:00 AM
Student-1 Tailgate Pharmacology BJ Newcomer
Saturday, September 20, 2014
10:30:00 AM - 11:30:00 AM
Student-1 Bovine Sports Medicine/Cervid Medicine Opportunities in Practice Lisa Willis
Saturday, September 20, 2014
2:00:00 PM - 3:00:00 PM
Student-2 Dealing with Debt as a New Graduate Britt Stubblefield
Saturday, September 20, 2014
4:00:00 PM - 5:00:00 PM
Student-2 More than Mobile - Taking the Clinic to the Country Scott Sturgeon


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