This Release Agreement by and between                                                                              ("Releasor") and American Association of Bovine Practitioners ("Releasee"), made and entered into this              day of                                     , 20___.


            For good and valuable consideration, Releasor hereby forever discharges and agrees to hold harmless Releasee including all of its shareholders, directors, officers, employees, assignees, and successor corporations from any and all claims, obligations, causes of action, suits, or liability whatsoever arising out of Releasor's internship at


whose address is                                                                                                          , during the dates of                                            to                                            , whether such claims be in tort or in contract, whether known or unknown, whether for personal or property damages, attorney's fees, court costs, litigation expenses, or any other form of damages whatsoever under the laws of the State of                                                    or any other law whatsoever.


            This Release Agreement shall be binding on the personal representatives, estates, insurers, successors, and assigns of the parties hereto and shall include for those corporate entities the discharge of shareholders, directors, officers, employees, assignees, and successor corporations.


            IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Releasor hereby sets his/her hand and seal.




WITNESS                                           RELEASOR



WITNESS                                                                               DATE