AABP Manage Your Rural Practice for Success Workshop Description

The AABP Next Generation Practice Analysis Workshops will consist of a series of two, three-day intensive workshops a year apart. The purpose of the workshops are to enable recent graduate food-animal and mixed-animal oriented practitioners to understand practice finances and successfully manage and grow their business.


At the workshops, participants will:

Year One Workshop: Pre-Workshop Activities

To assist workshop attendees in examining their financial data, all attendees will enter financial data into a spreadsheet that will be used to evaluate the financial performance and position of the practice they own or in which they practice. Most of the financial data will relate to profit/loss statements for the last three fiscal years. A limited amount of data will be needed from the balance sheets to calculate accounts receivable and inventory ratios. Attendees who do not have access to this information will be given mock financial records from a fictitious practice to participate in this exercise.

Attendees will also agree to participate in a pre-workshop conference call three to six weeks prior to the first workshop where they can ask questions and receive more information on pre-workshop homework.


Year One Workshop: Topics

Year One Workshop: Inter-Workshop Activity

To assist attendees to implement changes and deal with obstacles, a series of conference calls and email exchanges will be utilized to network between each workshop's attendees.

Year Two Workshop: Topics

Year Two Workshop: Follow-up Sessions

In order to evaluate the success of the workshops and to assist attendees in going forward, follow-up conference calls will be held at three and six months after the second workshop. The first call will focus on the practice valuation homework assignments and the second call will focus on financial improvement seen by the practitioner. These calls will also be used to evaluate the success of the workshops. Attendees will be asked to complete a brief survey early in the year after the Year Two workshop indicating qualitatively and quantitatively how the workshops impacted their practices.


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