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Veterinary Information

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Will you have access to practice financial records (categories and amounts for income and expenses for past three years) for use in the workshop?
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Do you presently serve in or adjacent to a USDA designated shortage area based on data through 2021?
Please list USDA designated shortage area counties and states, if none type NONE:

Note VMLRP data is available for each state at https://nifa.usda.gov/vmlrp-shortage-situations

Are you planning to offer services in a USDA designated shortage area (based on above data through 2023)? Yes

If you are not serving in or planning to serve in one of the USDA designated shortage areas, you may write a brief statement that you are serving in a rural area that is underserved, even if the area is not officially designated by the USDA as such. Shortage in this instance may be defined as an area where the veterinary needs of the clients are not being addressed to the fullest extent, using presently available technology.

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Workshop Registration

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February 9-11, 2023 Workshops will be held in Knoxville during Recent Grad Conf.
June 1-3, 2023 Workshops will be held in Ashland, OH.
A limited number of applicants may bring a second person from their practice or a financial advisor to the workshop for a fee of $300.
Note there will not be a stipend for the second person.
Would you be interested in bringing a second person from your practice to the workshop? Yes
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"Are you willing to commit to each three-day session this year, attend the second three day session next year, completing the required pre-work for the classes and several conference calls?"

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"I certify that the information given in this application is true, complete, and accurate to the best of my knowledge and does not omit any material fact that would render the statement false, fictitious, or fraudulent as a result of the omission. I understand that the information given may be investigated and that any false representation is sufficient cause for rejection of the application."


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