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AABP Foundation Donor Levels

Individuals, couples, families, veterinary clinics, named groups, organizations

  • Bovine Benefactor: $25,000
  • Bovine Patron: $10,000
  • Bovine Supporter: $5,000
  • Bovine Donor: $1,000
  • Company Support (Listing of companies)
  • Publish an annual donors listing


  • Post a complete donor listing each year on website and in directory (if available).
  • Publish website link at least yearly in newsletter
  • Post a permanent listing of those achieving designated giving levels.
  • Donor name is moved up when the next higher level is achieved.
  • Giving is cumulative to achieve designated levels
  • Pledges will be recognized at same levels as immediate donations
  • Bovine Benefactor has option of naming mode of recognition, such as a named scholarship or other recognition