AABP Bovine Veterinary Student Recognition Award

Sponsored by Merck Animal Health


Provide eighteen(18), $5,000 awards to veterinary students with a graduation year of 2025 - 2026 who are interested in dairy and/or beef veterinary medicine.


Student members of AABP enrolled at Veterinary Colleges and Schools in the United States and Canada are eligible to apply during their 2nd and/or 3rd year (graduation year must be 2021-2022 and have completed or in the process of completing their 2nd or 3rd year). Previous recipients are ineligible for a second award.

Notify Veterinary Colleges/Schools of Award and Application Process

AABP student members as well as faculty representatives are notified of the award and application process.

Application Process

Any interested student needs to complete the online form which outlines their background, work and academic experience, primary interests in veterinary medicine, career goals and provide the name of a faculty sponsor.  Online application can be EDITED here. It is strongly recommended that a faculty member or AABP Faculty Representative review the materials being provided prior to final submission.

A faculty sponsor will also need to electronically submit a supporting letter of sponsorship regarding the applicants’ qualifications to the Veterinary College/School’s AABP faculty representative. The deadline for submission of the application and supporting letter of sponsorship is 5 pm EDT May 29. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the application and letter of sponsorship is completed before the deadline. Incomplete applications, including those without a sponsorship letter by the deadline, are disqualified.


Criteria Points

  1. Interest in bovine medicine 10
  2. Work experience 30
  3. Academic & professional experience 30
  4. Career goals 20
  5. Recommendations 10

Here is the full list of criteria that each student will be evalutated on.

Press Release Materials:

Students who are selected to receive the award must provide additional materials that will then be used to create press releases that will be made available to their local newspapers and news outlets. Please use the following link to provide the additional background information.