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Faculty Assessment Letter

Please choose the appropriate student

Applicant's name School Date Applied # Ref
Amy Middleton  University of Pennsylvania 4/21/2019 0
Ashley Gotreaux  LSU School of Veterinary Medicine 5/15/2019 0
Ashley Martin  North Carolina State University 5/16/2019 1
Austin Ashbacher  Iowa State University 5/19/2019 0
Austin Whitmon  Mississippi State University 5/20/2019 0
Braxton Boyd Butler  Kansas State University 4/7/2019 2
Bri Berkey  Kansas State University 4/29/2019 1
Colleen Potter  Michigan State University 5/8/2019 0
Conner Van Dyken  Washington State University 5/18/2019 0
Heather Melinyshyn  Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph 5/16/2019 1
Jessica M Kordas  University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine 5/16/2019 0
Karalyn Lonngren  University of Pennsylvania 4/20/2019 0
Laura Glazik  University of Illinois 5/13/2019 0
Luiza Placheta  University of Missouri 5/8/2019 1
Mackenzie Scoggin  Texas A&M 4/23/2019 1
McKenzie Beals Weber  Iowa State University 5/19/2019 0
Megan Westerhold  Kansas State University 5/10/2019 1
Miranda Hengy  Ohio State University 5/9/2019 1
Nicholas Shen  Lincoln Memorial University 5/18/2019 0
Reagan McAda  Texas A&M University 5/18/2019 0
Rebecca Gooder  Texas A&M University 4/23/2019 1
Rhiannon Beatty  Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) Saskatoon SK 5/18/2019 0
Sierra Crisp  Washington State University 5/20/2019 0
Sydni Schmidt  Kansas State University 5/21/2019 0
Zane Gouker  Colorado State University 5/15/2019 1


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