Lameness Committee

The LAMENESS COMMITTEE will facilitate the transfer of new information and technology regarding the pathogenesis, treatment and control of bovine lameness to bovine practitioners, animal and dairy scientists, hoof trimmers, the allied industry, and others with an interest in bovine foot and leg health. Specific objectives of this committee include but are not limited to:

    1. To promote improvement of bovine feet and leg health throughout North America.
    2. To solicit and disseminate timely information on bovine lameness to the membership of AABP and others through various media including newsletters, AABP-L, and popular press.
    3. To serve as a liaison for the exchange of information between AABP and other organizations (such as the Hoof Trimmer’s Association, Inc.) with a vested interest in foot and leg health issues.
    4. To address issues of mutual concern between AABP, livestock producers, hoof trimmers, and regulatory authorities (i.e. Extra-Label Drug Use) regarding the care and treatment of lameness conditions.
    5. To encourage development of continuing education programs on lameness for bovine practitioners, hoof trimmers, livestock producers, and others with an interest in bovine foot and leg care.
    6. To keep the membership of AABP and others informed of specific educational opportunities and programs on the topic of foot care.
    7. To serve as a resource to the AABP program planning committee and others who may desire suggestions on topics and speakers for educational programs locally, statewide or nationally.
    8. To work cooperatively with the current standing committees of AABP in the transfer of pertinent information regarding lameness and issues such as housing and cow comfort, nutrition and feeding management, animal welfare, etc.
    9. To encourage Colleges of Veterinary Medicine throughout North America to provide students with an appropriate level (or amount) of information in their curricula on the topic of bovine lameness treatment and control
    10. To promote research in bovine lameness by encouraging increased funding for investigations dealing with problems of locomotion in cattle through governmental agencies and private industry.

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Name Term End Term Num
Gerardus Cramer (Chair)  2026 2