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Animal Welfare

  Animal Welfare Poster Nov 2021
  Current Practices/Reasons for Branding 2020
  Literature Review on the Welfare Implications of Tail Docking of Cattle (AVMA-2014) 2014
  State Branding Laws - Excel 2020

Beef Health Management

  Develop a cow-calf herd BVD control strategy with BVD CONSULT
  Develop a cow-calf Trichomoniasis control strategy with Trich CONSULT

Genomics and Genetics

  Net Merit 2021June 2021


  An Approach to Corkscrew Claw2009
  Assessing a Herd Hoof-Trimming Program 2009
  Deep Digital Sepsis Fact Sheet 2009
  Digital Dermatitis (Heel Wart) 2006
  Foot Rot Fact Sheet 2017
  Footbath Design 2020
  Footbath Dose Calculator 2020
  HTA/AABP Foundation Research Projects 2020
  Interdigital Hyperplasia (Corn) 2006
  Lameness in Beef Cattle 2021
  Overview of Lameness in Beef and Dairy Herds 2020
  Sole Ulcers 2020
  The Influence of Cow Comfort on Herd Lameness Problems 2017
  Vertical Wall Cracks 2006
  White Line Disease 2006


  Keep your business protected while working with volunteers and students AVMA PLIT Resource2020

Milk Quality and Udder Health

  Milk Quality and Udder Health on Organic Dairies2011


  Dairy Cattle Reproductive Council - WebSite
  Drost Project - Bovine Section - WebSite
  Legality of Compounded Estradiol for Embryo Transfer 2019
  Library of Reproductive Images - WebSite
  Reproductive Management of Dairy Cattle - Michigan State University - WebSite

Veterinary Practice Sustainability

  Rural Veterinary Shortage - AABP Summary Opinion2011