Print Your Annual Conference Continuing Education Certificates

Instructions for use:

    1. You must have the 15 digit EID number from your name badge to look up your record. You can contact the AABP Office if you need that number.
    2. When you enter your number in the space provided below, and click SUBMIT, a form will be populated with the session you were scanned into.
    3. If there are sessions that you attended, but that are not checked, simply check them as well.
    4. Click the "Create Your CE Certificate" to display your CE certificate on the screen
    5. If satisfied with the Certificate, simply Print the page using the print function on your web browser.
    6. Optional: If the form doesn't print correctly, you may have to use the Print Preview option to configure the page to print successfully.


To print your CE Certificate for an AABP Conference, enter your EID tag number (15 numbers, no spaces):


To access an EID number from this year's conference or any previous year, log on to the AABP website, hover the cursor over your name and select "My Account" from the drop down menu that appears. Scroll down the "My Account" page to find "Conference CE Certificates". Each EID number is hyper-linked to the Certificate of Attendance for the specific year attended.


Long Beach 2022 CE Certificate:

Past Meetings

New Orleans 2022 Recent Grad CE Certificate:

Salt Lake City 2021 CE Certificate:

St. Louis 2021 Recent Grad CE Certificate:

Louisville 2020 CE Certificate:

Columbus 2020 Recent Grad CE Certificate:
St. Louis 2019 CE Certificate:
Columbus 2019 Recent Graduate CE Certificate
Phoenix 2018 CE Certificate
St. Louis 2018 Recent Graduate CE Certificate
Omaha 2017 CE Certificate
Charlotte 2016 CE Certificate
New Orleans 2015 CE Certificate
Albuquerque 2014 CE Certificate
Milwaukee 2013 CE Certificate
Montreal 2012 CE Certificate
St. Louis 2011 CE Certificate
Albuquerque 2010 CE Certificate
Omaha 2009 CE Certificate
Charlotte 2008 CE Certificate
Vancouver 2007 CE Certificate