Print Your Annual Conference Continuing Education Certificates


Instructions for members:

    1. Click on My CE Certificates, to show the conferences you attended, and click the appropriate conference link.
    2. A form will be populated with the session you were scanned into.
    3. If there are sessions that you attended, but that are not checked, simply check them as well.
    4. Click the "Create Your CE Certificate" to display your CE certificate on the screen
    5. If satisfied with the Certificate, simply Print the page using the print function on your web browser.
    6. Optional: If the form doesn't print correctly, you may have to use the Print Preview option to configure the page to print successfully.


Instructions for Non-Members that attended an AABP Conference:


    1. Milwaukee EID Number:
    2. Or contact the AABP Office at or by phone 419-496-0685 and they will be able to create and mail the CE certificate to you.