2024 Preconference Seminars

Preconfence seminars are a great way to start your week at the AABP Conference. Preconference seminars are open only to AABP members.

Register early for these limited enrollment seminars as many fill early. Some seminars are multi-day sessions, that you can register for one or all days.

Any seminar without sufficient registrants is subject to being cancelled on or before August 1st. Seminar registrations that are cancelled are refundable or can be applied to another seminar.

Preconference Seminars offered prior to this year's conference.
Seminar # Description Start Date Member Fee Student Fee
Seminar S01 Basic/Applied Dairy Nutrition 9/10/2024 $550 $50
Seminar S02 Advanced Dairy Nutrition: Achieving Higher Milk Components 9/11/2024 $300 $50
Seminar S03 Dairy Replacement Decision Making 9/11/2024 $275 $50
Seminar S04 Parlor Performance 9/11/2024 $275 $50
Seminar S05 Understanding the impacts of switching to various forms of solids bedding on herd health, operations, and the environment 9/11/2024 $275 $50
Seminar S06 Getting Up to Speed with Bovine Immunology and Vaccinology 9/10/2024 $400 $50
Seminar S07 Edwin Robertson Advanced ET Seminar 9/11/2024 $300 $50
Seminar S08 Help! My Client Is Asking for Effective Alternatives to Antimicrobials 9/11/2024 $275 $50
Seminar S09 Consulting Opportunities for Veterinarians to Improve Respiratory Health in Dairy Youngstock 9/10/2024 $850 $50
Seminar S10 Practical on-farm lung ultrasound: technique and implementation 9/10/2024 $800 $50
Seminar S11 Surgical Management of Obstructive Urolithiasis in Small Ruminants 9/11/2024 $475 $50
Seminar S12 Preparing your Clients for FARM Animal Care Version 5 9/12/2024 $150 $50
Seminar S13 Secure Beef Supply (SBS) Train-the-Trainer Program 9/12/2024 $85 $50
Seminar S14 Dairy Environmental Sustainability, the Importance of Methane and Methane Mitigation Strategies. 9/13/2024 $100 $50
Seminar S19 Food Animal Educator Academy 9/10/2024 $0 $0
Seminar S20 Food Animal Educators Symposium (Must be employed in Academia) 9/11/2024 $0 $0