Currently Available Veterinarian Resumes



Name Objective City State Vet School Enter Date
Jaclyn Melvin  I am a fourth year veterinary student set to graduate at the end of May 2021. I am seeking employment with a large animal practice located on the east coast. My main work and research experiences have been with dairy cattle, but I also have experience with sheep, goats, and beef cattle. My interests within production animal medicine include milk quality, food safety, and public health.   Ithaca  NY  Cornell University  4/26/2021 
Leigh Shaw  I am a current third year (about to start my fourth year in May) at WSU who will graduate in May 2022. I'm interested in primarily dairy practice although I am willing to work with other food animals. I'm looking for a job that will provide a supportive environment for a new graduate somewhere on the West Coast, preferably in Arizona.  Pullman  WA  Washington State University  4/14/2021 
Wrenn Calcutt  4th year veterinary student seeking employment with a food animal or mixed animal private practice. I am looking for a practice that is excited to welcome and mentor a new graduate, and can provide at least 60% food animal case load. My interests include surgery, small ruminants (sheep, goats), dairy, beef-cow calf, and 4H/backyard animals. Client communication and education is a passion of mine and I value strong client relationships.   Fredericksburg   VA  VMRCVM  12/27/2020 
Rachael Crouse  I have a passion for working alongside dairy producers to improve the health and productivity of the cattle that they raise. My goal is to utilize my interests in calf health, record analysis, employee training, and milk quality to have a positive impact on the herds that I work with. I have a developed interest in dairy production management and data analysis, with an understanding of Dairy Comp 305. I am currently seeking a position at a dairy practice after graduation from Colorado State University in 2021.  Pierce  CO  Colorado State University  12/9/2020 
Amy Servos  I'm a fourth year veterinary student interested in an associate's position at a mixed animal practice in KS, MO, or NE. I am interested in all species including cattle, equine, small animals, and exotics. I have a strong interest in reproductive work for large animals as well as acupuncture and chiropractic work.   Topeka  KS  Kansas State University  9/23/2020