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Lauren Mack
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The Animal Hospital
710 S Washington St
Plainville    Google Maps
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Job Description:

  More than just a Mixed Animal Practice! Are you tired of navigating the ins and out of veterinary job ads? We are too! Look, we are a keep it real, drive it forward, team of people who love where we live, who we work with and what we do. Let us break it down for you! Who: We are a 2 doctor one location practice with an awesome support team in the final stretches of a big expansion to a two location multi-doctor practice. Where: We eat, sleep, breathe, play and work in the heart of cow-calf country in rural Kansas. Literally more cows than people and we are close to a large, local college town for people needs (AKA great restaurants, shopping, fun social events and general suburban awesome). What: We are truly mixed. For example, our current “number of species seen in one day” record is eight. Overall, we see a lot of beef cattle and cats and dogs along with numerous small ruminants, exotics (hoof stock and pocket pets) and a smattering of horses, camelids and anything but primates. Primates are a no-go for us. Why: The whole truth. This work involves less than ideal weather, shared on-call hours and some hard work. So why do we do this? We have the equipment (plus some cool toys like our haul-in facility with hydraullic chute, ultrasound and cold therapy laser) to get the work done and full facilities to work safely, but its really about the PEOPLE. The team and our clients make our days fun, buffer the struggles and give our job purpose. (PS Benefits are included such as IRA, liability insurance, bonus stipend, CE allowance, uniform allowance, license coverage etc.) What we can promise: v True teamwork and support. This team wants you, us and the whole practice to succeed. v Hands-on Mentorship. We will coach, lead and help you become the doctor you want to be. v Diverse caseload. Eight species is pretty good, but there are more for us to work on. v Room to grow. We encourage new ideas and to develop interests and skills within the practice. v Purpose. We want you to feel your work has purpose and you feel apart of your community If this interests you, please contact Dr. Mack at or by office number at (785) 434-7222. Dr. Mack will also be attending AABP in St. Louis and would love to chat to any interested folks. We ALSO take externs throughout the year and welcome externs from all class years.  
Training Required:
Experience Desired:
 New graduates welcome! All experience levels will be considered 
 Competitive and negotiable  
 IRA retirement fund, Professional liability, continuing education stipend, clothing/uniform stipend, licensure, association fees and more.  

Species Percentages:

Beef:  40 Dairy:  0  Swine:  0  Small Ruminants:  9 
Equine:  4  Poultry:  2  Exotics:  5  Small Animals:  40 


Facilities provided by the veterinary practice:
 Full haul-in facility with hydraullic chutes (including tilt). OB chute set-up, equine stocks, classrooms and meeting facility. Ultrasound, in-house bloodwork and urinalysis, cold therapy laser, electrosurgery unit, digital and CR radiography.  
Other Personnel :  Three veterinarians spanning 40 years of experience in cow-calf and rural, mixed animal practice. Trained technical team  
Practice strengths and emphasis of the business:
 Cow-Calf practice Progressive, rural small animal medicine A large case variety across numerous species including cervids and exotics  
Practice Area:  Central northern Kansas is the heart of beef country. We have more cows than people in our counties, but are close to great communities and a busy, growing college town. 

Date job was submitted:    9/2/2019 

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