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In my second newsletter back in November, I focused on one of the goals for my term as president of AABP -- to try and educate and routinely update the membership on the many roles AABP is engaged in for its members and our affiliated industries. I said, “Many members (including me at one time) see our organization for the annual conference, a monthly newsletter and the Bovine Practitioner. But there are countless activities that occur every day by many individuals from our staff to members serving on various committees and task forces. Within a given day, there are countless listserve emails and other communication from the various committees and member groups. This communication ultimately results in actions such as program content, printed guidelines, additional member services and regulatory/legislative policy for our profession.”

So, what are some examples of these countless emails and communications? Are they useful and beneficial to the organization and the future of our profession and members? I believe so. Here are a few of these relevant behind-the-scenes efforts of the member volunteers who serve AABP in many roles.


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The American Association of Bovine Practitioners is an international association of veterinarians serving society as leaders in cattle health, welfare and productivity.

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In keeping with the AABP Mission Statement, AABP offers high quality continuing education at its Annual Conference, through its publications, and also offers online CE training modules for members.


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