Presidents Message

Dr. Carie Telgen

See you soon!
“Good friends never say goodbye. They simply say see you soon.” Unknown

Well, since we as a Board of Directors decided to move the AABP Annual Conference to a new city, which resulted in a new date, I was the lucky one to have to write an EXTRA president’s message. I’m sure Dr. Pat Gorden will thank me later, as he only has to write 11…


In all honesty, it truly has been a pleasure to serve as your AABP president this past year. Although COVID changed what this year looked like for me, I still believe as an organization we have accomplished a great deal to continue to move us forward. We need to do all we can as a profession to protect the integrity and skill set that our education provides us. The grassroots efforts of members to form a task force to create a surgery position statement is evidence of like-minded individuals. While on the other hand, the creation of a Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force highlights that although we may be like-minded in some ways, we are so very different in others. The professionalism, open-mindedness and humanistic character of those in our organization is greatly appreciated and I look forward to what this DEI Task Force produces for the organization.



The guidelines that are up for approval in Salt Lake City are evidence of the long hours and incredible dedication our member experts have in providing all of us with tools we can use and reference every day in practice. And as someone who has shared my story of my mental health struggles, the creation and great work that the Mental Health Task Force has already accomplished is going to be a tremendous benefit to our members, and I’m very excited for what this group will come up with.

As I reflect on this past year, some of my fondest memories of this journey were just making it out of our 2020 Calgary spring Board meeting hours before the Canadian border closed due to COVID, planning a hybrid conference three times before a complete cancel and hybrid-only format in Louisville, being completely red-faced and embarrassed auctioning off an electro-ejaculator for the Louisville Amstutz Auction, and as Dr. Gingrich calls it, operating in “New York style efficiency” for our spring Board meeting in Denver so most of us were able to fly out prior to the snow dump they received. I’m sure all AABP presidents who have come before, and will follow after me, are jealous of the excitement we had over the past year and a half!

This organization will always hold a dear place in my heart. Even though I know I will now be deleted from Dr. Gingrich’s “favorites” list for our weekly update calls, I have a great deal of gratitude for his role in running this organization. The caliber of individuals we have on our Board of Directors makes serving on the Executive Committee a breeze and we have the leanest and most efficient staff of any other organization I know. This organization has a bright future to put it mildly.

I would also like to thank the AABP Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Dr. Fred Gingrich, Tasha, Allison, Geni and Steve for their continued support during this past year and my entire time on the Board. I look forward to serving with Dr. Pat Gorden as he takes over the reins in Salt Lake City next week. And most of all, thank you to the members for the private messages and words of encouragement throughout this past year, for sharing your thoughts about where we are as an organization and where we are going, and for your dedication to AABP and the cattle industry we serve. I am truly blessed to have been able to serve in this capacity and I personally thank each and every one of you.   #agvocation

Dr. Carie Telgen