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Seminar Proposal Instructions

AABP Annual Conference
St. Louis, MO
September 8-11, 2019

When submitting your proposal, the following documents must be downloaded, completed and emailed to Dr. Carie Telgen ( and Dr. Fred Gingrich ( to be considered for the seminar lineup in St. Louis.

  • Please fill out ALL of the cells on the budget calculator including names of all faculty. Please fill out all of the green cells that have drop-down menu selections for choices. Detailed instructions for each cell are included on the second page of this worksheet and an example is included on the last page.

  • Proposals should be submitted by emailing all three required documents (complete budget calculator, complete descriptions and completed faculty contact information sheet) to Carie Telgen ( and Fred Gingrich (

  • The deadline for submitting proposals is 5 pm EST January 18, 2019

  • Based on feedback from members, you are asked to provide any conflicts of interest you or faculty members might have concerning your presentation when you submit your proposal. Please indicate if there are any conflicts of interest regarding the content of your seminar on the seminar description.

  • Proposals will be given priority that offer unique content, have had a history of prior success, have a lower enrollment fee for members, and offer a rotation of faculty for repeat seminars.

  • The final seminar program will be determined by the seminar program chair and AABP Executive Vice President. The final seminar lineup will be selected by January 31, 2019.

  • Please note that faculty maximums will be instituted to keep seminar fees lower for members. For a one-day seminar, the maximum number of faculty that can participate is three. For a two day or longer seminar, the maximum number of faculty that can participate is five. Seminars that have a larger number of faculty in the budget proposal will not be considered. There are no exceptions to the faculty maximums, regardless if all faculty are paid or not paid.

  • The faculty compensation in the budget proposal includes the following:
    • Economy air fare to St. Louis or mileage reimbursed at the IRS rate.
    • Per diem of $265 per day speaking plus one day (one day speaking = two days per diem, 2 days speaking = 3 days per diem, three days speaking = 4 days per diem). Please note that the per diem provided is used to pay for the hotel/lodging, meals and incidentals for faculty. Please note that per diem payments will only be made if faculty have a hotel room in the AABP block reserved through the AABP housing bureau. If faculty choose to not stay in the AABP housing block, they forfeit the per diem payment and any reimbursement for lodging. This policy has been implemented because AABP guarantees rooms, assumes financial risk for unfilled rooms and calculates the per diem payment based on the room rates for the AABP contracted hotels.
    • Speaker fees will be $500 per day maximum per faculty member. If a faculty member declines payment, the total pay for other speakers will not increase.

  • All seminar faculty are provided a complimentary three-day conference registration. Speakers MUST REGISTER for the conference on their own before pre-registration closes, selecting the complimentary registration option for speakers. Registration will open after May 1st and pre-registration ends on August 15th. Faculty who have not registered by August 15th must pay the full on-site registration fees to attend the conference.

  • Faculty must reserve their own hotel rooms. It is suggested to register for the conference and reserve your hotel room as soon as registration opens to ensure you have a room in the headquarters hotel where your seminar might be held. If your seminar is cancelled, you can then cancel or modify your reservation if needed. As stated above, to qualify for per diem payment or reimbursement of lodging, faculty MUST stay in the AABP hotel block making reservations through the AABP housing bureau (no exceptions).

  • Seminars will be evaluated for enrollment numbers and possible cancellation each week from July 29th to August 12th, 2018. If budgets are not met, some faculty members may need to be eliminated to ensure the seminar can continue without cancellation. Please inform all faculty of this possibility. Other budget cuts might be required at that time.

  • Please note that power strips, flip charts and other items provided by AABP contracted vendors cannot be provided by faculty. This is a violation of our contracts as well as hotel/convention center fire codes. If power is required, please include it in your budget.

  • An AV package is included in the budget for your seminar. You will be provided a projector, projector stand, screen and wires to hookup to a computer. Faculty do not need to bring a projector.

  • There are a limited number of rooms at the Marriott hotel where wi-fi and power can be provided. Wi-fi cannot be provided in any seminar that will be held at the convention center due to cost. Wi-fi will only be provided if it is a required part of teaching your seminar. If wi-fi or power for computers is required, please contact explaining the reason so that the room assignment can be established.

  • Please note that outside food cannot be brought into the meeting space which is a violation of AABP contracts with the hotel and convention center. Restaurant maps will be provided. Please allow adequate time for attendees to eat lunch and return. There are numerous quick service restaurants near the convention center and hotel.

  • If your seminar is selected, please note the following items based on feedback from evaluations:
    • Contact all seminar registrants via email to inform them of the room assignment and any other logistical information before the meeting to prepare them.
    • If computers are required, please notify attendees.
    • Please stay on time so that attendees can attend the milk breaks during the designated time periods as well as being respectful of evening plans.
    • Have your faculty coordinate presentations to prevent overlap of material.

If you have any questions regarding the logistics of planning your seminar, please contact Dr. Fred Gingrich at or 419-606-3558 (cell)


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