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Custom Handcrafted Saw (a)

Donated by: Robert Callan

Custom Handcrafted Saw (a)
Description: If you have never owned a handmade, sharpened, and tuned handsaw, then this is your chance to own something very unique that will last for generations. This is a one of a kind personalized hand crafted saw with a custom hardwood handle made specifically for you. First, you will choose the type of wood and design for the handle. The handle designs originate from handles of saws produced during the golden period of handsaws in the late 1800s to 1940s. Many of the designs contain the distinctive features of older saw handles including the top and bottom horns, the nib, hook, V-groove, clip, and, in some cases, the lamb's tongue. The saw blades are made from 1095 hardened spring steel. The steel blanks are cut to shape and the surfaces are then hand prepped and polished. Each tooth is hand filed, set, and sharpened individually. Tooth configuration can be selected as a rip, crosscut, or a hybrid configuration. You also get to choose either brass or bronze saw nuts. The medallion nut will be engraved with YOUR INITIALS and include the words "Aliquid Aedifica" (Latin meaning Build Something). Finally, we will design a custom laser engraving for the saw blade commemorating the AABP Amstutz Scholarship and include your own personalization. Once everything is set, the saw is assembled and test cuts are made. The cutting teeth are finally tuned to ensure that the blade cuts straight and true. While it will look pretty on the shop wall, this saw is meant to Build Something and be a family heirloom. Item Value: $350

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