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  Session Title Presenter

Poster  Evaluation of disease occurrence and production parameters of dairy cows treated with pegbovigrastim  Amanda  Stone

Poster  Comparison of the microbiota of healthy calf eyes compared to eyes with active pinkeye infection  Brittanny L Wiener-Mastbergen

Poster  Sequential changes in serum iron concentration and hepatic hepcidin mRNA expression in LPS-challenged calves.  Yasunobu  Nishi

Poster  Acoustic Pulse Therapy (APT) as non-antibiotic treatment and prevention for mastitis in dairy cows  Gabriel  Leitner

Poster  Is diamine oxidase, which is an indicator for disease assessment in diarrheal calves, influenced by the serum copper concentration?  Tatsuya  Fukuda

Poster  Serum amyloid A concentration as an inflammatory marker in endotoxemic model calves  Marina  Otsuka

Poster  Serum iron concentration as a marker of inflammation in young cows that underwent dehorning surgery  Yoshiki  Murakami

Poster  A field study to investigate the effect of Zuprevo administered alone or in combination with Banamine Transdermal on the health and well-being of transported feedlot calves on arrival at the feedlot   Miriam S Martin

Poster  Epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance in domestic animal species in South Africa  Stephanie  D Sellge

Poster  Mastitis causes negative reproductive performance similar to other genital diseases  Yasuyuki  Kitade

Poster  Alterations in the fecal microbiome of lactating dairy cows during experimentally induced heat stress  Monica  Witzke

Poster  Effects of feeding supplemental amino acid complexed zinc for mitigation of liver abscesses in feedlot cattle  Chris D Ashworth

Poster  Evaluation of flunixin meglumine and suture selection on post-operative pain following abdominal surgery in cattle.  Michael D Kleinhenz

Poster  Survey of Cattle Health Record-Keeping Methods by Mississippi Cow-Calf Producers  William I Jumper

Poster  Bacterial topography of the bovine respiratory tract: analysis of upper respiratory tract microbiotas as the source of the lung microbiota in healthy cattle  Christopher  McMullen

Poster  Identification of epigenetic markers predictive of late embryonic mortality in milk.  Katy W Kesler

Poster  Euthanasia by intrathecal injection of lidocaine in calves: cadaveric and pilot studies  Marjolaine  Rousseau

Poster  The potential use of MALDI Sepsityper^TM technology for rapid diagnosis of septicemia in dairy calves  Miranda H Hengy

Poster  Genomic Characterization of Salmonella Dublin recovered from Ohio Cattle  Greg G Habing

Poster  Investigating the dynamics of Johne's Disease on Ontario dairy farms  Jamie  Imada

Poster  Antimicrobial Usage for the Treatment on Respiratory Diseases in Calves: A Systematic Review  Emre  Gurdal

Poster  Trends in Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Salmonella Recovered from Cattle Diagnostic Samples in Ohio   Greg G Habing

Poster  Elucidating the immune suppressive effects of antibiotics in cattle  Julia A Herman


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