News Brief Date Added
2018 AABP Bovine Veterinary Student Recognition Award  9/19/2018
2018 AABP Foundation-Zoetis Scholarship Recipients  9/19/2018
2018 AABP Amstutz Scholarship Recipients  9/19/2018
Dr. Nick Lemmel and Dr. Matt Weeman Receive 2018 AgriLabs Dr. Bruce Wren CE Award  9/19/2018
Dr. Sheila McGuirk Named 2018 AABP Mentor-of-the-Year  9/19/2018
Dr. Eric Behlke Receives 2018 AABP James A. Jarrett Award for Young Leaders  9/19/2018
Dr. Dan Thomson Receives the 2018 AABP Distinguished Service Award  9/19/2018
Dr. Virginia Fajt Receives 2018 AABP Award of Excellence  9/19/2018
Dr. John Crews Receives 2018 Preventive Medicine Beef Award at AABP  9/19/2018
Dr. Ben Shelton Receives 2018 Preventive Medicine Dairy Award at AABP  9/19/2018
Dr. Henry Ceelen named 2018 AABP Bovine Practitioner of the Year  9/19/2018
2018 Cattle Production Veterinarian Hall of Fame - Dairy - Dr. Leland Allenstein.   9/15/2018
2018 Cattle Production Veterinarian Hall of Fame - Beef Recipient Dr. Del Miles (right) being congratulated by Dr. Bob Smith.  9/15/2018
2018 AABP Board of Directors Meeting  9/12/2018


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