Pharmaceuticals and Biologics Committee

This committee shall apprise the Board and membership on all drug related and residue avoidance issues. The responsibility of this committee is to:

  1. monitor and review those issues of interest and significance to the Board on all animal drug and residue issues;
  2. assure that liaison and cooperation shall exist with the AVMA through its Divisions' Staff, Councils and Committees;
  3. assure that liaison exists with appropriate Federal and/or State agencies, bureaus, and organizations that deal with animal drug and residue issues;
  4. provide an identifiable and responsible body with which the pharmaceutical industries, other allied veterinary and professional organizations, and commodity and special interest groups can interact on issues relating to animal drugs and residues;
  5. formulate and provide recommendations to the Board on animal drug and residue issues to which AABP action or reaction may be in the best interest of the association.

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Name Term End Term Num
Kevin Jacque (Chair)  2024 2