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Daniel Grause
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1920 Dayton Avenue
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 Veterinary Medical Officer ** This position MUST be applied for on using this link >> Summary As a Veterinary Medical Officer at the National Veterinary Services Laboratories you will be responsible for organizing, directing, managing and providing scientific leadership and guidance. Duties The duties described are for the full-performance level. At developmental grade levels, assignments will be of more limited scope, performed with less independence and limited complexity. The duties may include, but are not limited to: Conducts various tests and determines the identification of each isolated organism by analyzing data acquired from cellular and colonial morphology, biochemical tests, and molecular methods. Advises members of the APHIS Staff, Area Veterinarians-in-Charge, Regional Epidemiologists and other field personnel on program matters involving interpreting laboratory test results. Conducts developmental activities designed to improve the diagnostic capability of the laboratory section. Coordinates references, evaluates and interprets scientific and diagnostic reports, data and conclusions pertaining to animal disease eradication procedures. Collaborates, consults and provides information to researchers from Federal, state, university, and foreign laboratories. Plans, organizes and provides training to state, Federal and university personnel at USDA sponsored training courses. Attends local, regional, national and international meetings attended by others in the veterinary profession, representatives of livestock associations and industry to present scientific information. Provides technical direction to laboratory personnel, including microbiologists and biological laboratory technicians. 
Training Required:
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 $66,397 - $123,021 per year Pay scale & grade GS 11 - 13 
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Species Percentages:

Beef:  20 Dairy:  20  Swine:  20  Small Ruminants:  20 
Equine:  20  Poultry:  0  Exotics:  0  Small Animals:  0 


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Date job was submitted:    3/8/2022 

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