Veterinary Hope Foundation (VHF) and AABP Virtual Support Group


VHF and AABP are forming a virtual mental health and wellbeing support group for bovine practitioners. It will offer attendees the opportunity to connect in a safe, confidential and caring space. It will establish an ongoing conversation about things that matter to them, important experiences, issues and ideas that emerge from their work as a veterinary practitioner. Wellbeing and mental health themes and topics will be presented to guide discussion. The outcome of participation is the formation of a small community of acceptance, respect and support of one another’s individuality and concerns.


The group is sponsored by the VHF and will be led by Dr. Charles Gardner (AABP Member) and Dr. Laurie Fonken (VHF mental health professional). The group is free for participants and will only be comprised of AABP members. All correspondence as well as the group itself will be overseen by VHF with strict confidentiality maintained. If you are interested, please send a private e-mail message to Josh Tanguay (VHF member) at, simply stating your intent to participate and he will follow up.


Meeting times and other details will be determined by the group. The plan is to meet once per week for six weeks on a virtual platform for about an hour. We ask if you do sign-up, that you intend to attend all six meetings as consistent presence is important to the group dynamic.